or PIPs (aka Grammatically Correct Nonsense) {all are from 260, unless noted otherwise}

"A sad lot is a set unimposing," I say, "a sign I sop minutes as I told Asa."
No, devil, is my god an OIC if far-off for afficionado gyms I lived on?
Traci times it; nastiness elicits a lesser dress elastic; I lessen its anti-semitic art.

Slam in a train a model I evoke; K.O. veiled Omani art animals.
Laminary trams use jade; it tied a Jesus martyr animal.
Niagara mixed Nina’s title fix: I felt it’s an index I mar again.
“Ere hero-men integrate births?” Lew asks a Welsh tribe, “target nine more here!”
DNA lets a ‘wasting nil’ lifesaver add, “Are vase-filling nits a wasteland?”
Did I say, “Leer from raw sago, be not a potato, pat one bog as warm or freely as I did”?
No evil won: oh, we who live taste Jesus, use jets at evil; oh, we who now live on.
“To lay as I live, decide if I tick radar off for a dark citified ice devil,” I say a lot.
To get a dastard-named spot to grade deck cats, animals I slam in a stack ceded argot tops demand rats a date got.
Sparse vastness nuns sent saves raps.
“Set a rapeseed net, tamed,” Aidan emoted, “on a sane esk seen as a node to men a diadem attendee separates.”
No nurse (on a clove most rosy) nips at a spiny sort some volcanoes run on.
Deer fibre here may be damned rag animals I slam in a garden made by a mere herb I freed.
Revaccinate ten orotund ETs, a wasted nut, or one tetanic caver.
“Deific, a person is a clever animal,” debated a cadet, “A bedlam in a revel casinos repacified.”
Hero, to manipulate madness, send a metal up in a motor, eh?
Snort any dim anus tsunami dynatrons.
Define me, snot-seller; appal a Roman in amoral apparel, lest on semen I fed.
No sage can ruffle symbols amid a fad … I’m a slob myself, furnace gas on.
“Slob, my set are never seen!” Ken assesses, “Sane knees revenerate symbols.”
Dew on sties nests in a tastily lit Satan act: can a tastily lit satanist sense it snowed?
To get ads in a monaxon, assess an ox an Omani’s date got.
Sane radio bucks irk cuboid arenas, Allah … shall a sane radio buckri sk cuboid arenas?
All I rap, as Rastafarian I was, is sold as a sad loss: I saw in air a fat sarsaparilla.
All I trot may add a yam tortilla.
"At a draft, I memo deer from one Vegas seminar I ran," I message," venom or freedom emit far data."
Deer gaiety locales sum a mussel acolyte, I agreed.
Let ohms agronomists level St. Simon orgasm hotel.
 Marge let a foe pat nose, mane, tail, lap and nape of a lion, oil a foe, pan DNA, palliate names on tape of a telegram.
No deer gasp: "martyr to gibes, row a red nun under a worse bigotry tramps agreed on."
No IT acolyte fastened a jade net safety location.
No wise villa-minarets of Islam in a trade reversal live to merger, Reg: remote villas revered art animals I foster; animal lives I won.
Notoriety locates punas, so toss an upset acolyte I rot on.
Now may a fire help martyr ample hero-men on a crone's row I worsen, or can one more help Mary trample her if a yam won?
Now still, I may be sure voices assess a sec I overuse by a mill it's won.
One disaster Geronimo demos tests if I caper up, as a pure pacifist set some domino regrets aside, no?
Pirates pull at a minim at one verbatim riff as I disaffirm it: a breve, not a minim at all, upset a rip.
Reg, Ginger'll act on odists I sniff at, so no staff insists I do not call Reg 'nigger'.
Seed net tasting is Eddie's lemur, often at a net forum; else I'd design its attendees.
Seed net tasting is edified art I trade if I design its attendees.
Set acolyte cinema latency, Nemo, so some NYC net a lame nicety locates.
Seville dome-villas revere no canine men in acts I list: canine men in a cone reversal live model lives.
Sign in if salacity Lana saw was analytical as fining is.
So may part-asyndeta re-do memos for a bar of some moderated NY satrapy, Amos?
"Some deeper upset acolyte," I profess, "opts in at a satanist posse, for piety locates pure pee demos."
"Some drawer upset Acolyte Ninety locally dining," I say, "by a sign-in idyll, Acolyte Ninety locates pure war demos."
Some droopy men Enola symbolises sap asses: I lob my salon enemy poor demos.
Ted, I bet - in Argyle volatiles - a vase lit a lovely granite bidet.
"Tide ... born under a tide's area is a foster animal I named," I sniff, "inside Manila, minarets of Asia erased it; a red nun robed it."
Ties I - laminating up mitigating issue - damn, made us sign: "I tag it, impugn it, animalise it."
To get satiety locations, level levels no IT acolyte I taste got.
To lasagna, is acid a monotony as I say no to nomadic Asian gas a lot?
As I last sense it, I dig iron rations up on a more Roman opus: no, I tar no rigidities' nests, Alisa.
As I let a bedeviled undemanding isogon assess a "no go" sign, I'd named "Nude Live Debate", Lisa.
"As I let a gay assessor cadet sensitise it," I claimed, "academial cities it is nested across essay a gate, Lisa."
At a draft, fish sift far data.
Born acidic, a fox I felt tilts it open: a nepotist little fix of acid I can rob.
Bosnia: gay men essay DNA cost so candy-ass enemy again sob.
Delegates' nude life data senile felines at a defiled unset age led.
"Ev, awl adits aid nine posts!" I dash to boss, "so both sadists open India's tidal wave."
"Lad, I con egrets no man - even Ruth's - added," a fan actuated a memo some made taut, "Can a faded dash turn even a monster genocidal?"
Late men, I'm told, eye nomadic narrow art; raw or rancid, a moneyed lot mine metal.
May a level seminal art necrosis or central animes level a yam?
Hey, Tim, a lacrosse-red Rumania gave Bev a hot nurses' run to haveBev again a murderess or calamity, eh?
9.30 ode blast: it's "Albedo 0.39"
"Ample hot sets a co-hostess nun xeroxes: Lana Turner is my goddess!", I hissed, "Do gym siren rut, anal sex or ex-nuns set Soho castes to help Ma?"
Deliver an allegro tacit song, or play oratory ambush so Pa sees a posh sub may rot a royal prognosticator gel Lana reviled.  
Detartrated to get acid, nine men inspire rips nine men indicate got detartrated.
Harpo: "Now as I lived at a dame's ace parade, no hostess set so honed a rape case, mad at a devil I saw on Oprah."
Hey, Tina snidely let a red omnibus assess a sub in moderately-led insanity, eh?
No devil's selfless as rats; pop stars as selfless lived on. 
"No worse carrell I kowtow to," ten odd asps add, "Odd asps add one to two; two killer races row on."
Now I saw a man I set a fix at nod: "no leporidae hailed a taxi-man in a mix at a deli  ahead ... I rope London taxi fates in a maw as I won".
Won't a pilot's ipecac I mock radar a dark comic ace pistol I pat now?
"Eire erodes, so to grab media's evil war, crawl," I've said, embargo-tossed or eerie.
So to no greener esplanade Tim must ride; nor on dirt summited an alp serene, ergo not O/S.
Won't I foster cesspools, so Ross loops secrets of it now?

Reviled dire women I do if, for a fat solicitor esteemed under a bar, a bared nude meet's erotic: I lost a far-off iodine mower I'd deliver.)
Aidan sets a typo on some memo Snoopy tastes, Nadia.
"Parody rots," I had idyllist egos tell a man on a mallet, "so get silly: did a history do rap?"
Party to oscillate most lilts, O metallic sooty trap!
Peeking, I steer tsar of red Rumania: "grab a bargain; a murder for a street sign I keep."
"Put idle hips' agitators so tidily on natal life-rafts in a tasteless option: no IT posse let satanist fare fill a tannoy lid I toss rot at," I gasp, "I held it up!"
Ref, fuss UFOs to let a fad named Zen I tell lies on assess a nose; I'll let Inez demand a fate lots of us suffer.
Rewards trade litanies use in a tile rut are tiles reverse literature litanies use in a tiled art's drawer.

Sam, all diapers repaid llamas.
Semi-tame nice tarts rifle domes; I let Elise model first-rate cinema times.
Slam in a fog nine poetic ninnies, or pad idols of Oslo ... did a prose inn incite opening of animals?
Slam in a fog nine poetic nitrate notes, pull a ball, upset one tart, incite opening of animals.
Smart gums level smug trams.
So get some kilt left in a van, it felt like most egos.
So, master of trades I met in Oslo, dignitary rat in a sewer, are we sanitary rating idols on itemised art for ETs, Amos?
Some devastated ace caps a space cadet at save demos.
Some model bares impassed udders we jet on if I note Jews red dudes sap, miserable, do memos.
Some model bares impractical illiterate misdraws, agog as wards I met are, 'til lilac IT carp, miserable, do memos.
Stolen Imax enemy, again a mask's a mania gay men examine lots.
Sued amid an omen of fat staff, one monad I made us.
To lap a moth sadist, I bet I loosen a vane's oolite bits I dash to map a lot.
Tiny rat in a snug nits' end, a mastiff fits a mad nesting unsanitary nit.
To lap up a pool, I saw one gasser do dressage now as I loop a pup a lot.
To lash tappets to often-deified space cadets, Albania gasps: "Again, a blasted ace caps deified net footstep paths a lot!"
To lasso tie ports, rub a burst rope I toss a lot.
To lash to my nametag or baton odd lots, a weary Rae was told: "do not abrogate many moths a lot."

To lay a bat at embarcaderos' necrotic Illinois, I've let a non-rutting nit turn on a television (illicit or censored) a crab met at a bay a lot.
To lay aside, wait a sec: "Ivan, in a vice sat I, awed!" I say a lot.
To pass a mania, gay men eye far-off fat staff, for a fey enemy again amass a pot.
Trade literal litanies used on some demos: some demos nodes use in a till are tiled art.
Trade, if I revise, tars poor tyres: I'm so glad I held it a sec if foreign idyllists aver I hire vast silly dingier offices at idle hidalgos' misery troops' rates I verified, Art.
Won't bedlam in a NASA lab/ inn/academe edifice sag a sec if I deemed a cannibal as an animal debt now?
Worms, alpacas: animals' genes' rows worsen e.g. slam in a sac a plasm row.
Women on ACTU bodies open one pose I do, but can one mow?
Now I say "assess a plan if a sign is open", I foster germ regret, so fine posing is a final pass essay as I won.
Now I trade if I revise Mittagong geodesic art, so I see referees I ostracise do eggnog at times I verified art I won.
Nurse, I till undersea glamor feel from life we film, or flee from algae's red nullities' run.
Nurses send docile gnats Elliot's toil, lest angelic oddnesses run.
O Tyrell, a gay alpine myth guards draughty men I play a gallery to.
One saboteur that sold a droopy menu births a rash tribune my poor dad lost ... ah, true to base, no?
Osteopath, gilded arts nuns traded light a poet so.  
Putrid tennis Les: made raw, a nude bordello dolled robed unaware damsels in net dirt up.
Raw Rose, I let a hero melt, 'til at a ballet, I tell a bat a little more hate, lies or war.
Sevastopol's on a level an Oslo pot saves.
So he'd inspire most now ... won't some rip snide ho's?
So maybe waste glib regrets no monster gerbil gets awe by, Amos.
"Stop now, or I fire!" he was told nastily, "Let effetely-lit sandlots awe her if I row on pots."
Superb: a camera set on fire paper if notes are macabre pus.
Tamil, sum a test sum I must set a Muslim at.
"'Til a tote who named a jade garden made me damned," raged a jade man, "Oh, we total it."
Time-starred lab DNAs send welts ultra-fast if it's a fart lust, lewdness and balder rats emit.
Tinier asps are in a zero monetary rate no more: zanier asps are in it.
"Tired, nude, I rub six of my gym-putrid erotic lattes," I say as I set talc, "I tore dirt up; my gym fox is buried under it."
To lay a war, a feud I serenely made reviled is a dud, as I delivered amylene residue far away a lot.
Told nastily, let in if Nina saw some demos, was an infinitely-lit sandlot.
Trades in red Omani tarts rub a burst rat in a modernised art.
Trades in red omnibuses net a tense sub in modernised art.
Warren traps - I have to grab at a name - Moss, as some man at a bar got Eva, his partner, raw.
War's reviled analog knight, I wet a mate with ginkgo Lana delivers raw.
Was borsht a prawn on a menu, jejune man on warpaths Rob saw?
Air a lame ruck: can some demo snack cure malaria?
Animative cinema fed Tony ammo: deer freedom may not defame nice vitamin A.
Apu pats a Rasta pupa.  (144)

Beset on a node if I revise noble macrame, we mar camel bones I verified on a note, Seb.
Women on a ceiling is a sign I lie - can one mow?
Call, eh son, to grammar gym, for a jar of my grammar got no shellac.
Wasted acts in red Omani sin a modernist cadet saw.

Crates are vowels I slew over a set arc.
Damn Rob, but set a nit's bosun off on us: obstinate, stubborn, mad!
War eras lob my synaeresis ere any symbols are raw.
Warm or feel few shahs we flee from raw.
No parades: a bistro's four Ugandan apostates push togas a Goth's upset at, so pan a DNA guru (of sorts) I based a rap on.
Was it a smock radar or a dark comsat I saw?
Wash turgid animals I slam in a dig Ruth saw.
I stung a Zagnut, si?  (144)
Damon, as acid among nitro termini sewed one node, we sin! I'm retorting, nomadic as a nomad.
Debate sputniks so dodos, skint, upset a bed.
Deboned; I ban a citadel I'm sure Peru smiled at: I can abide no bed.
Traded lo-fat's a fate I dare to morph to, moth promoter: a diet, a fast, a folded art.
Traded, I sow two-sided art.
"Trades are not federal cedillas," is all I declare, deft on erased art.
Deer craft one volume: Foster felt its title frets of "emu love" not "far creed".
Define my carburetor with gins amidst idle histograms - Margot's - I held: it's dim as night, I wrote, Rub racy men I fed.
To do it all, efreets steer fellatio, Dot.
To get select ratio, do two hero-men I fed define more "how to do it" art Celeste got?   
To lap up a gal from a dam, I rim a dam or flag a pup a lot.
To last, Curt's bodega made wear be trevally-dined; a laden idyll a vertebrae we damaged obstructs a lot.
Stiff for a feel from a disco, do I dare radio docs I dam, or flee far-off fits?
To lay a wad, epees seeped away a lot.
Tonsure vile demon-gate lot to let a gnome deliver us not!
Trade caps (PCP fixes) for a jar of sex if PCP spaced art.
Deliver stark satanism, or go plan a bow to two banal pogroms in a task rats reviled.
Did I part a sad lot as a sale to her, I, a zanier albino in acid, all a-panic in a palladic anion, I blare in a Zaire hotel,as Asa told a satrap I did?
Ed I snidely led under a proximate sewerage peg: are we set a mix, or, pared nudely, led inside?
Erotisms in a groin or a camera are macaroni organisms I tore.    (367)
Evil yams parcel truth to be lurid, I rule, both turtle craps may live.
'Til no-one tames it in Asia, I rot in a state my mate ran: I'm an imam in a minaret Amy met at sanitoria I sanitise, mate, noon-lit.
Feral, like we care not if stark rats fit one race, we kill a ref.
Fool all Asian iron gismos, silos or Oman; an amoroso lissom signorina is all aloof.
Gnaw two batons! I yell over a radio void, a rare volley is not a bow twang!
Jenn Aniston Keith saw wash: tie knots in Anne J.
Knit some mate lots of UFOs to let a memo stink.
Lanes ran amid bomb mud as a dumb mob dim an arsenal.
Levant, Lebanon, Italy or Troy: Latin on a belt navel.
Masseuses I minimised as I lap Nina made me edit eyes or prose, yet I deemed a man in palisades I minimise sues Sam.
May a store fill lit sanitary caps as a spacy rat in a still life rots a yam?
Meet sea-ice, polar epee delivery men, ere I let an atelier enemy revile deeper alopecia esteem.
Name Bologni tarts no mermaid eked! I am remonstrating, O lobe man.
Narnia, pan in oily lion Aslan: across a pass or canals, an oily lion in a pain ran.
No sad lot is a net for entrapping odder animals if I slam in a red dog: nip partner often, as I told a son.
Node variegating is editing: is it a pat 'I sign it, I design it' age? I raved on.
Now if fun snide liver dessert can aid raw dessert, can a peek keep an actress - Edwardian actress, Ed! -  reviled in snuff I won?
Now, Ira, can one messiah tow two Thais' semen on a car I won?
Now, one last piece retailored loftily lit folderol I ate: receipt sale now on!
Nurse, tar a pesticide; mar a paramedic it separates ... run!
One park caper is editorial cut at UCLA: "I rot, I desire pack-rape, no?"
Poor dynamite yetis note paste wets a pet on-site yeti ... many droop.
Raw anise can embalm lab menaces in a war.
Red, I had, I fib, a nip so new a yam may awe no spina bifida hider.
Shahs sun a rude tag: it's a candy-ass tactic, illicit cats, say DNA-castigated Uranus shahs.
Sleepy baby, knit symbols as it is a slob my stinky baby peels.
Smart saps nurse tar costs if I cap a pacifist, Socrates runs past rams.
So get some tar, oil emailed animals I slam in a deli, ameliorate most egos.
Spare vital bases runts dim amidst nurses' ablative raps.
Spasms in a node path to both cranial pates set a plain arch to both taped onanism saps.
Stiff, Raw, Droopy, Nasal; a semantic illicit name stub ... but semantic illicit names, alas, any poor dwarf fits.
Store portents, omen-adder: if a seer frees a fired Dane, most net rope rots.
Tess, as I hoe diverse inn antennae, mean net nannies re-video his asset.
To get a herb, a camel bone can add an ace noble macabre hate got.
To grab an igloo, cool gin a bar got.
To lag at an odema, a lass in a diadem and a hobo had no bag; a vagabond a hobo had named Aidan is salaamed on a tag a lot.
To lag, nip a terminator camera based on nodes; a bare macro tan I'm retaping a lot.

To lag, nip at one tonic: I tame nice damsels in one more hot demand I'd named to hero-men on isles made cinematic, I note, not aping a lot.
To lash Tom to her arm, a rotten aerial cedar toter used a mite, yet I made sure to trade Claire a net to ram rare hot moths a lot.
To lay raided insanities, I nag rootable Melba to organise it in a snide diary a lot.
To pert new Aramaics I date so a Lao set a disc, I am a raw entrepot.
Today, Ruby, a mote veto may bury a dot.
Traci, games are to nodes on a nosegay as ewes are to nods madams do not erase, we say, ages on a nose do not erase magic art.
Traci, ore hymnal pots may level yams to plan my heroic art.
Won't Neil ask radar evoker type Elsa to dot a sleepy trek over a dark salient now?
You ban iron I made; you buoyed a minor in a buoy.Stacy, dalliances animals slam in a sec nail lady cats.
But a node calf is at Lebanon; on a belt as if laced on a tub.
Gnaw two batons: I gnaw to lose now; one solo twang is not a bow twang.
Des, opera's part-lit nude man erases proctors' rot: corpses are named until traps are posed.
Drowsy, we don't allot a toll at no dewy sword.
Lindi, as today's word's "drowsy", a dot said nil.
Alone on a pier, a Danish side dish's in a dare I pan, O Enola.
"But snot let an aide mock a tan underlay," orated a cadet, a royal red nunatak comedian, at Elton's tub.
Reviled, I won Pussy banal life, but animals I slam in a tube fill an abyss up now, I deliver.
Start federal lariats, an olive and a DNA evil on a stair: all are deft rats.
Red, I am a yodeller apparelled, O yam aider.
Not 'Taps'!" groaned oud seller, amarelles, duodena or G S Patton.
To lap up a bat's live evil, stab a pup a lot.
Lob magneto brevities in or tap if I patronise it: I, verboten, gambol.
No taser on gigantic items - octal fasts - a flat cosmetic IT nag ignores a ton.
Trevor, oenology let a tip icer precipitately go, lone or overt.                                                       
"Stock coriander!" a pot-detractor still opined to help a man, "If in a maple-hot den I poll it's rot carted to pare DNA, I rock cots".
To laze, fan a mate ... got to get a man a fez a lot.
"Go Jews!" I say at Semite paganists, "I trade rut-purple hot tubs, but to help ruptured artists in a gape time stay 'as is', we jog."
Spacy assessor cadet, fold a hill I had lofted across," essay caps.
Nemo pats egrets no more: zero monster Gestapo men.
A sleepy troop for even tubes I - Trev Day - advertise, but never of poor type, Elsa.
Ties I've doted on are votes set over a node to devise it.
Definitely, Tsar, a style tin I fed.
Now if log foe mages retaliated, do geese see God detail a terse game of golf I won?
Now if log foe mages retaxed nine men, index a terse game of golf I won.
Now if log foe mages net a par, trap a tense game of golf I won.
Now if log foe mages net a "golfing is wow!" sign, I flog a tense game of golf I won.
Burier of ebony, as I'm a ham, I say no before I rub.
Traci rots: I honed a rapier of ebony as I say no before I parade no historic art.
Pansy assessor contests, Alan: in a last set, no crosses say 'snap'.
Leah, parrot codes I artily lit raise Doctor Raphael.
Hanoi to metal fan: one sirocco risen on a flat emotion ... ah!
No devil set, I look cornier on ore in rock oolites lived on.
Puccini to cinema lasses so pining: "I sign in, I possess a lame nicotinic cup!"
Deflate pastel leprosy art rays or pellets a petal fed.
Seuss impromptu ode: kestrel alerts eked out PM or PM issues.
Enola's party's superb if I help Ma sample hi-fibre pussy traps alone.
Des, used to pastel, wore in water a pot as a top: are tawnier owlets a pot Des used?
On one idyll, a turbogenerator aimed academia rota, Rene: go, brutally die, no, no!
To lash tap nodes, a bore has 'em annoy Al Pacino: men made/mimed a mnemonic, a play on names a hero based on paths a lot.
Des, usury Cy eliminated: a mere remade tan I, Miley Cyrus, used.
"Delia, wear spandex if fusillades reversed: all I suffixed naps!" Rae wailed.
"Snob, Bigfoot Arts Academy HR staff fit stiff fats!" rhymed a castrato, of gibbons.    
"So John is an eraser I'm dating," I base her answer, cast if it's a crew snare, "He's a big nit; admires arenas in HoJos."
So many droopy names use many poor dynamos.
"Delia, with gin, O tyro, get a cadet to Ryde: Garth's ash tragedy rotted a category tonight!" I wailed.
We stoned a rap duo, yet one calm idyll is a silly dim lace note you'd parade, not sew.
Sit in, O tire planer, to gigabyte-fast - so lame! - hi-fi tubs, but if I hem a lost safety bag, I got renal peritonitis.
Yes, one Maltese became blatant, so post in an act: can a nit so postnatal be mace-beset/lame/nosey?
Tiramisu, O lucite metal, pared, is no cotton knot: to consider a plate meticulous, I mar it.
"Same decimals," I say, "Lo! Holy as Islamic edemas!"
Rag user, upset: "Sate no-one; no-one tastes pure sugar!"
No evil sets a true craft so lost farceur tastes live on.
Rot can avoid a redialed Adelaide radio van actor.
Poseur, taster, germ: Adam regrets a true sop.
Deflate medals not on Slade metal fed.
One sure voyageur tasting is a sign it's a true gay overuse, no?
Rae, no lost New Yorker treks a masker trek Roy went solo near.
Oh, whose model bath girl lessened sane men as denes sell rightable domes, oh who?
As I let a date grow on Scilly, did we let a geneticist relax if I fix alerts I cite, negate lewd idyllic snow, or get a date, Lisa?
Did a bare vocal leap at a paella cover a bad ID?
Did I fire on a canoer a map or did I drop a mare on a canoer if I did?
Now did a cadet relax if a fix alerted a cad I'd won?
Push to obey enemy men; enemy men eye booths up.
To lap up a plain arcane post, old lots open a cranial pap up a lot.
Sleepy cartel, bad debts in red, omen of idle heroes, use ore held if one modernist (beddable Tracy) peels.
Di, can a rose butt settle my baby, my amative Evita; may my baby melt test tubes or an acid?
Do not be wed: I, W.D.L., row on no World Wide Web to nod.
To do fungi lamaseries, Eire's a malign UFO dot.
Des, in obese butts, ETs trap parts test tubes ebonised.
Won't one fast rape nip ultra-pure pot to get a man a mate got to Peru - part lupine, part safe, not now?
"Taboo zanier ultra-cool gin": a telegram, Marge, let an igloo cart lure in a zoo bat.
A tadpole vedette's sacred role to map a motel: order cassette, develop data.
Bus no cabaret fallacy to obese boys at scenic items, O Cara, cosmetic in ecstasy; obese booty call after a bacon sub.
Now I see penury, can its bowed limp mildew obstinacy run epees I won?
Wolf, never evoke epistle welts; I peek over even flow.
Delivery men estimated a caitiff fits a stiff fit: I, a cadet, am its enemy reviled.
Detente was a way a papaya was a wet net, Ed.
Strap racks amid a boss so bad I mask car parts.
Sarah Connor's laid Arnie in radials, Ron - no charas!
Trade bare votes shahs set over a bed, Art.
To order cassettes, sack cassettes' sacred root.
To get a rat up a drain, a psoriatic I let elicit air, O Spaniard, a "puta" rate got.
'Til less traffic I summarise, yes, I ram music, if farts sell it.
"Dig!" I ram home to ten I push, "So Pa sees a posh supine totem ...oh ... Ma, rigid."
No, I zero no rigidities, I've let Hannah televise it, I dig iron ore, Zion.
Sagas' sad lot erased one varlet, so more Zero Mostel raven odes are told as sagas.               
Semite, most rap stars allot a toll as rats part sometimes.
Traci, dole me most eggnog as telling a hag nil lets a gong get some melodic art.
Grenade tat saved tubs but devastated an erg.
No stats folio made sabres a red eraser based a moil of stats on.
As able ikons sap it, I pass no kielbasa.
So I dare to meditate, gibe, wane, pop a troll or tap open a web I get at; I demote radios.
Do not rob a low troll I begat, nor fondle his ass, as I held no frontage bill or two: labor to nod. 
Draw dessert sideways at scenes I redivide: risen ecstasy/awe/distress, Edward.
Tacit names, Lee, free deer feel semantic at.  
For a jar of pee, will a gleeful fan in a flu feel gall I weep for a jar of?
Note Jews'd rib birds we jet on.
Won't esteemed art I trade meet set now?
Traci, to resite yetis opposite yeti serotonin, Diana can aid Nino to resite yetis opposite yetis' erotic art.
So ... lost an eye? ... most soldier on, so to snore, I'd lost some yen at solos.     
Live for a jar of women infidels I misled if nine mow for a jar of evil.
No cotton, woven infidels in enamel, is simian: is a Sinai missileman enisled if nine vow not to con?
To greedy deer, greyer gnus add a sun greyer greedy deer got.
To greedy deer, gyms may level yams my greedy deer got.
Red nibs bedevil a live deb's binder.
Seeped, I may burst a hero memo, so do some more hats, Ruby, amid epees.
To greedy deer, gates assess a set a greedy deer got.
Toll an anal Iota Pi motto: "Ban a bottom I pat, oil an anal lot."
Sex, or ex-Latin eggnogs, gong genital xeroxes.
Sleep, poor tap, in rut, as I tell a man a mallet is a turnip a troop peels.
Turnip, eel, six ale risks: I relax, I sleep in rut.   
Turnip unrubbed, Deb: burn up in rut.
No devil is wet, so gab: "A turnip unrubbed, Deb - burn up in rutabago stews I lived on."
"To get a man a mate got, to get at six alert sumos, I so must relax!",  I state, "got to get a man a mate got."
To gypsum - enamel-bonded - a faded nobleman emu spy got.
"Enola won't lock radar on a mare!" vowed Emil now, as I saw on lime dew over a manor a dark colt, now alone.
To lap up Indonesia, raise, nod, nip up a lot.
Gem tunes use nutmeg.
Menace vac sales made now, as I saw one damsel as "cave canem".    
To grenades, animals revenge bid erred; I beg: never slam in a sedan ergot. 
Part as a test, it felt a bat left it set as a trap.
Nine mown, Robert E. Lee let reborn women in.
Pivotal ego loss levels solo gelato VIP.
"Trade Susie no net to rape, eh?" said I, "A sheep - a rotten one - is used art." 
To grade Tim over Obese Bores Net, a tenser obese bore vomited argot.
Deb, bury a herb if I had a wad a hi-fibre hay rubbed.
Let race notes push to obey dons; no dye booths upset one cartel.
"Slang Islam in a dell: I've debased art trades," a bedevilled animal signals.
Smart roses I lop (or centennial lives) net a tense villain; net necropolises or trams.
Garage breeder of ebony asses, say no before deer beg a rag. 
Sir, be dross, algae, rusts or frosts, urea, glass or debris.
Stunts, rubies or a rose: I burst nuts.  
No pureed potion I remade; if I live here, he vilified a merino I top deer upon.
Stop drowsy fire; vote no-one to verify sword pots.
Mars, of UFO test fame: 'tis a gas item aft set of UFOs ram.
Now is tundra hot to hard nuts I won?
No tasks: a man in a mask can stare, poor trooper, at snacks a man in a mask sat on.
No emir crawled if Nina, to get a date, got an infidel war crime on. 
May a party leg (a still-lewder case now as I saw one sacred well lit sagely) trap a yam? 
Wangaratta fed a mix of deer fat as at a freed fox I made fat Tara gnaw.
One sacred well-lit stone gardenia meridian as an aid, I remained, rage not still ... lewder case, no?   
Drawl as an award'll draw a nasal ward.
 Sir, odd emails I germinate can add an ace tan: I'm Regis, Liam, Ed, Doris.
Damn, I lap harassed argon I won; no wino grades Sarah Palin 'mad'.
But as Marge let a nude tart surfeit assess a tie, frustrated Una telegrams a tub.
Sue, it is a sword, do not call it stasis as I sat still; act on odd rows as I tie us.
"To lay as I keep a foe raw, a nude dux eroded nets I drop unwasted; I banish Tao oaths in a bidet sawn up or distended or exuded unaware
        of a peek", I say a lot.

Ace births all lash Tribeca.
We play or deliver to Hanoi a snob I bonsai on a hot reviled royal pew.
Slav respite care: can an ace race tip servals?
Elitists, a plate of nachos is at stasis; oh, can foetal pasts I tile?
"So tokening 'no', may Alec, an emigre, be cited?" a cadet lilted, "a cadet iceberg I menace lay among nine kotos."
If I fret far, even a model Liberia zaps a Nigerian in ebony by no Benin air (e.g. in a spa); Zaire billed Oman ever after, Fifi.
Set agenda or bases send as nine vessel pilots do not answer crews NATO nods to, lipless even in sadnesses a broad negates.
Warming is a sign in ways we jostle fists, I felt, so Jews yawning is a sign I'm raw.
Miasma here may fill unsexed Nigerian air e.g. indexes nullify a mere ham's aim.
Semi-metal leftist elite, yap at a tame logy golem at a tap: a yeti lets it fellate mimes.
"Pots in a crevasse let a dewy cage last if it's a legacy," we dateless aver, "can I stop?"
Women, if a red is nocturnal, let sacred nuts I list under castellan rut consider a fine mow.
But a pilot's grebe citifies six issei men ere her enemies (six issei) fit icebergs to lip a tub.  
To get a ripe lamb on salad, NASA deified a sandal a snob male pirate got.
Traded a fat Nelson I won to get a man a mate got, no winos lent a faded art.
"Amy, my masks are not tub nuts?" a fast unbuttoner asks Amy, my ma.
"One career fastened it, Wolf", I say, "as if low tide nets a free race, no?"
Marge let a strop push ... too bad; a booth supports a telegram.                          
An integral I miss - awe now as I saw one was similar - get Nina.
Sex I foil opening a tie by a moss, so maybe I tag nine polio fixes.
To get a mason is a cotton tub deed, but not to casinos a mate got.
Redraw one cinema essay as seamen ice no warder.
Do not sleep or diet on iron, or I note I drop eels to nod.
A peg Del won knows some moss won knowledge, Pa.
To get a myna sex, I felt busy subtle fixes any mate got.
Now is no snide dux exuded in sons I won?
A petal left now is a dud, as I won't fellate Pa.
Won't I be rare now, or grow one rare bit now?
Now is a wollastonite yeti not sallow as I won?
Sex exists, or Feds defrost six exes.
Boredom mocks a mad damask commode, Rob.
Stark cat tales a ewe now assesses saw one weasel attack rats.

Dew or ruffles rehydrated underage pagans if I snag a peg a red nude - tardy herself - furrowed.
Decide by a mere herb if a fibre here may be diced.
Demi-monde Roman enamel sign: "I kept a fat Peking isle man enamored ... no, mimed!"
Rats are vomiting up Midoris as I, Rod, impugn it: I'm over a star.
Erasmus sops up opuses I ran at ... ah, what an "arises up" opus possums are!
Deified Erasmus says a ewer gala grew easy as sums are deified.
"Some deep sap used argon tests in a toboggan!" I nag, "Go, botanist; set no grades up as pee demos."
Demi, age or cinema gas is a game Nic Roeg aimed.    
To Greta Garbo, cares are not a baton eraser a cobra gater got.
To Grenoble, to Hanoi, to Mali ... and nail a motion a hotel boner got!
Do rapids let O'Hara hastily let effetely-lit Sahara hotels dip a rod?
Tip so a lass or cadet is debased, or rock corrodes a bed sited across a Laos pit.
"Nip military ran argon testing," I baaed, "in an idea a big nit set  ... no granary rat, I limp in."
L.A. tips, O hot girl I owe, Nate got to get a new oil rig to hospital.
No wino IT: a gill abuts a gas tubal ligation I won.  
Pilots pilot a top potato lips to lip.
Pilots pilot art sacks: I risk castrato lips to lip.
Nurse, ID a leg a red nude parks at a task raped underage ladies run.  
To get a map a late ban, a cog eroding is a sign id or ego can abet a lap a mate got.
Traci met Otto, or Marge let a telegram root totemic art.
Parts we made sullied a mews, but tubs we made ill-used a mews trap.  
Pots sued a millennial plan even if fine venal plain Nelli made us stop.
Otter bile lines a senile libretto.
Paganise pastel ties: I, Mr. USA, surmise it lets apes in a gap.
He was a deft listener; aware net silt fed a saw, eh?     
"Her air fare," he damned Ruby Rae, "was a dud, as a weary burden made her a friar, eh?"
Hexes in UFOs are never on air, boys; I am rolled on air by Brian O'Dell or Maisy O'Brian or even eras of unisex, eh?
"Hey, a sign it saw emitted a call; it's still a cadet time-wasting," I say, eh?  
Pamela passed dogs to idiots' sapid idols on items met in Oslo; did I pass to idiots' goddess a pale map?
Now, Edward De Bono, to go to no bed, draw dew on!     
Nurses I lop or tempura jam a jar up metropolises ... run!
No Women's Lib regrets affiliated a detail if faster gerbils Nemo won.
No, sir, a pack radar often asks a net for a dark caparison.
Nose it in; avoid a rig I radio vanities on.
Now I saw one tag, or bail I abrogate now as I won.
Lives I murder if an anabaptist set Ed sees detests it, Pa: banana-fired rum is evil.
Now I say: "A war? A fog'll go far away!" as I won.
Feeble epees we few see peel beef.
Egad, no boob a tart lusts after refracts a fate I'd assess: a diet, a fast car, ferret fasts, ultra-taboo bondage.
Emus erase, on ace canoes, a resume.
"Drawn inward, Rae froze fast," I say, "as it's a fez, or fear drawn inward."
Drawn, I tied a few fixes onto gewgaws pups wag ... we got no sex if we fade it inward.
Dense rug: if we sign it at some disco, do two help it lump up multiple "how to" docs I demo, stating I sew figures, Ned?
Attendees (or a two-syli deer got by Tina for Peru) profane my hymen: a) for pure profanity; b) to greedily sow taro seed, Netta.
Banks are drones I ran in on in a risen order - ask NAB.
Deltoid in ass, Al can over-rev on a class an idiot led.
Bursted, a cadet assumed we lewd emus say: "do bonfires at a party burn a cross, or can Ruby trap a taser if nobody assumed we lewd emus sated a cadet's rub?"
But animals iron odd lots if I cap a pacifist old donor I slam in a tub.
Debts umpire what a raw waratah we rip must bed.
Deliver Margo no merit on a Goth toga no tire monogram reviled.
Diastole cowards made off for a fast car at a cost; so cataracts a far-off foe dams draw ocelots' aid.
Did I set one esoteric idol embargo to grab melodic ire to see notes I did?
Elitist carabineer gossip: a koto gala got okapis so green I bar acts I tile.
Enola's drowsy assessor cast rorts across essays' words alone.  
Freshened, I will ablate my metal ball I widen, eh, serf?
Lee felt: "To be renal, Pa, nose Kansas ... it is a  'Snakes On A Plane' rebottle feel."  
Lionised, arm octuplets ... oh, a hostel put comrades in oil.
Marge let a red nude portray no mere ceremony Art roped under a telegram.
May a roar rub a kookaburra or a yam?
No cataracts a fan urinates on set a memo stall up; if I pull at some mate's nose tan, I run a fast car at a con.
No, start up a glossolalia; mail a loss Olga put rats on.
Now evil is not a nose, yet up-to-date gossip is, so get a dot, put eyes on a tonsil I've won.
Now I say mere jokes I've dotted across essays, so bad lots nuns told a bossy assessor cadet to devise K.O. Jeremy as I won.
Now is a video hotspot tops to hoe divas I won?
Now so melodic its ID, a satanist ego gets in at a sadistic idol emos won.
One librettist acts in a task rats saw as stark satanist cat-sitter bile, no?
One librettist, Alf, sees flat-sitter bile, no?
Resold as a maiden made no zoo rag naked, a memo had a home-made kangaroo zone damned: I am a sad loser.
Salad names are ironic: I pen a DNA hit, I hand an epic in or I erase mandalas.
"Sleep!" an anableps I disabuse called, "Omanis sew, or prefer prowess in a model lace sub as I dispel banana peels."
"Smartening - no, masterful! - I open a snide veil, eradicate grosser dress or get acid," a relieved insane poilu frets, among nine trams.
Sniff umpires' nests if I cap an iron, or in a pacifist sense, rip muffins.
So must one ray trap a taser, if names a base man fires at a party are not sumos'?
"Some droopy rat in a stay-fit recital I'm navigating is a sign I tag Ivan Milat," I certify at sanitary-poor demos.
Some men in a croft: "Can eerie ruts open one posture I re-enact for canine memos?"
Steel felt taboo battle fleets.
Title men, if degenerately-led insane radio lucre butts in at a satanist tuberculoid arena, snidely let a reneged fine melt it.
To get a fad on a sign I'd named, no taboo battle fleets for a bar of steel felt taboo baton demanding is a nod a fate got.
To lay a wad, Ilsa got to hymenal panic in a plane ... my hot toga slid away a lot.
To video hate, my baby met a hoe divot.
Was no den I distend a fad nets I dined on saw?
Wash Caesar, ere I lionise dudes in oilier eras each saw.
Wasted actor at a lab, a crew open one power cabal a tarot cadet saw.
Silo port, embargoed or deified, ate lots of UFOs to let a deified rodeo grab Metropolis.
An item itself fumes on as a nose muffles time, Tina.
Burn it all, as Rod asserts I may ape rotating Nita to repay a mistress a dorsal Latin rub.
Dense ore here verified art I trade if I revere heroes, Ned.
Diarist, I nudely let a reneger nuke esoteric ire to seek unregenerately-led units I raid.
Did a mall ad nab malarial flair? ...a lamb and a llama did!
Did diva deliveries avoid a radio vase I revile? ... David did!
"Emit oddities Rae herself fumes at," said Steven, "If fine vets diastase muffles rehearse it, I'd do time!"
For evil amid lots I dog, Semite films in a note set onanism lifetimes God is told I'm a liver of.
For evil's live day, ubiety located a cadet-acolyte I buy a devil-sliver of.
No pets stole cosmetic ire to see esoteric items ocelots step on.
"Not to consider algae sanitary's so bad: a pad," a bossy rat in a sea glared, "is no cotton."
Now as I let a bedrail assess air, I assess a liar debate Lisa won.
Now I say, "no believing is a sign I veil ebony" as I won.
"Nurse to men a horse muffles, rehearsed Desrae herself fumes," Rohan emotes, "Run!"
Paganist unrewardable Bali bomb mob I label "bad": rawer nuts in a gap.
Rae, do not slam in a deli animals I forerun - amen if a fine manurer of Islam I nailed animals to - no, dear.
Semite films, I dash to berate you, derided as edacity Lana deified: analytic, a De Sade dire duo, yet are both sadism lifetimes?
"Stolen Imax editors I'm lifting up mix essays on signals rehearsed if no crew open an inane power", confides Rae; her "Slang is nosy as sex- impugn it" film is rot I'd examine lots.
Tide mats send a mynah prosaic at suede livery a jay reviled; Eustacia's orphany madness tamed it.
To get air, benign idle galahs ram a marshal a gelding inebriate got.
Traci, ore here verified a memo, home-made if I revere heroic art.
Was 'some memos rob malaria homebrew snaredrum?' all I wrote yet, or will a murder answer be mohair a lamb or some memos saw?
Won't rats see penury cremates pure women? ... one mower upset a mercy run epees start now.
Martyred nicely, Tsar, I ate haniwa raw in a hetaira-style cindery tram.
Martyred nicely, Tsar, re-tar a terra-style cindery tram.