Poem of the Week


                        In these days of depressing recession you CAN still get a free treasure every week!

                        Sit down to your computer and have the Poem of the Week

                        delivered to your home page. Imagine:  no more MSN, Google or Yahoo news

                        to depress you.  Be inspired instead. 

                        Here's how to get started: click on the current month, below.  The most

                         current poem will appear.  Set this as your home page* (yes, you have to

                         reset this each month) and you will  have your Poem of the Week!



                         This site is not meant to be just for me.  If you have a favorite poet who

                         has written a special poem you think others will enjoy, submit it (the entire

                         Poem, with author and where published) for my consideration: here )


                          *(With Firefox/IE, go to your current home page. 
                           From the Tools menu choose (Internet) Options and go to the Main/General tab. 
                           At the Start Up/Home Page section, press the Use Current Page button. 
                           If you use a different browser, I suspect you are savvy enough
                           to know how to do this with your browser.)



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