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 Adam, rangier, often did net foreign armada.
Aim, Ada, cam at a macadamia.

, niece, I pondered no piece I need.
Dessert can aid Ana, Canadian actress, Ed.

Di, be not a fool, aloof at one bid.

Dis Max," I stated, " a cadet, at six AM--Sid."
Disregard rager, Sid.
Do we docs abate Tabasco/Dew OD?
Emilio pondered no poi lime.
Ev, I tax a laxative.
Go, Omar, oft for a Moog.
Koenig never did rev engine, OK?
Let's ape not one pastel.
Ned, nag Anissa's ass in a garden.

Nemo, we morons sass no Rome women.

Note bistro [orts/perk reports/ports] I bet on.
Paganism's in a Gap?                                                200
Pert satire met emerita strep.                                09/18/2016
Rabbi ran in, into hot Nin in a rib bar.

Spot pom pom op, moptops?
Rep, parlay," ordered royal rapper
Resole, Rose, not one sore loser.

Sail, Anan, on an alias.

Senile Di's now on sidelines.
Six elated a cadet, Alexis.

Slain Edwards draw denials.
Spare tire rite raps.
Stella wanted Etna wallets.
Tab defiled a deli-fed bat.
We help Pitt tipple, hew.
Well, Hasbro's balls'll absorb Sahl, Lew.
Well,Lord's droll, Lew.
Was a Dada, Di, a look at a Kool Aid ad Ada saw?

Gateman Wendel doodled new nametag.                                 97 
No one made killer apparel like Dame Noon.                     09/18/2016
Spacy Mr. Owen, in West Angola, saw old Nadia, my poor droopy maid, and low-as-a-log Nat, sew nine wormy caps.
Topsydale Kansas--it is a snake lady spot!

"Mash Tums," I beep, "I pee bismuth, Sam."             71
Nurses suck cock; cusses run.                             09/18/2016

Tim must summit!  Tim mustn't summit!  Tim must summit! 260 + 97
"Meek, ill, lewd -- we'll like em!"                                                             260
"Won't I burn acid?" I call, "It's still acid...I can rub it now."                09/18/2016

"Ai! Dildo=God." -- Lidia.             393
I murdered Rumi.                    09/18/2016

Otto, sir, ate feta risotto.         394        09/18/2016

Damp mildew , angelic odes: O Romme, morose, docile, gnawed limp, mad!        395        09/18/2016

Now sore, too rigid, I harass Sarah -- I dig, I root-- Eros won!  396            09/18/2016

"Tits" -- old Edna and Ed lost it!    397
Tie -- old Edna and Ed lose it...     397-1        09/18/2016
Time--old Edna and Ed, lo, emit.   397-1

"Naomi, live not on evil, live not on evil," I moan.

"Naomi, no,no..., on, on,..." I moan.                     292

DeVidi dived.                                                09/17/2016

Bolton did not lob.   


A goy did yoga.

Em, a Crete MIT lab altimeter came.

Lana, I bar an imam in Arabian Al. 

Late reb ne'er got to Green Beret Al.

Lonely Tad (a hero, Stu, but sore) had a Tylenol.

Meg, as I said, Ana Dias is a gem.

Nemo lived as a devil omen.                                    200

Now in a Vette, Van, I won.                             08/10/2016

Roy amassed olives as evil Odessa mayor. 

See Rio's Rono honor soirees. 

See, tan Amy, my manatees.

Sex in an instant (Nat's) Nina nixes.

Stolen, I wager, are GA wine lots.

We feral are few. 


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