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We'd laid on no dial dew!            (1)         01/25/2015  

Rae hid Cosette's OCD, I hear.
Eno, red, located a cadet a colder one.
No cabernet as is is a ten (re bacon.)
Rep. Orgasm's a groper.
No, her acid, Em, not on Medicare, hon.
Lo, did Imogene go mid-Idol?
An insipid dip is Nina.
On nudists,I dunno.
Em, bursitis it is--Rub me!
Decode Doc Ed.
Draw Yahoo loo, Hayward.
Etna's draw despot stops Edward's ante.
Red,"Now on T-rex, Ed, I did exert no wonder."
Admit now Asiatic illicita I saw on Tim, DA.
Percival's a Slavic rep.
Mayo had I not on Idaho yam.
Mel, some rash GI highs are Moslem.
Rae got nice lad Alec into gear.
No Siri affair is on.
An Andes seminal flan I messed, Nana.
We help Pitt tipple, hew.
Sex in an igloo fool Gina nixes.
Answer: Sadat, sot, ate feta tostadas.                (200)
An adder casserole lore's sacred, Dana.         01-17-15
All Iva saw was a villa.
“Flo,” we rewailed at a deli, "a werewolf!"
Ev, is Sam’s sensuousness massive?
Satan, I pondered no piñatas.
Raj, pity my tip jar.
Al, U.S. nine pondered no peninsula.
Stu, no, detailer Eli ate donuts.
Dee spotted a cadet, top seed.
Del ran sand, Esai, as Edna snarled.
Mort’s lea man is in a maelstrom.
Dias is as I said.
"Red ribeye, birder?"
Revel in Unilever.
It’s a hexed Ocala codex, Asti?
Rex, I mail An Ruta’s Atari, sir, at a Saturnalia mixer.
Risk cash crop not on porch sack, sir.
Beam up a puma, Eb.
Live drab, bar devil!
Bo Derek, cute, tuckered O.B.

Ely graded argyle.

Go (hey gal!), flag ye hog!
Rae, his gal, flags I hear.                            (1)       11-19-14
Gal, fan a flag!

KC or Deb nixes sex in Bedrock.
Battlefield I saw was idle, I felt, Tab.
Reb bordello rolled robber.
Punning, I sign inn up.
"Red Nut", new deli, assailed, went under.                             (200)
Re grub ma has: it is a hamburger.                                        11-2-14
So, is Rod a tame matador, tios?
Sums are never ever even, Erasmus.
Note, listen, Reba cottons not to cabernets, I let on.
Em, krill irk me.
SETI Sara pondered no parasites.


We dye no honeydew.
Demitasse trial, Lew, we'll air: Tessa timed.
Red, Leif as is is a fielder!                                              (200)
Ergo, Nana, sis is ogre.                                    10-12-14
Mastiff fit Sam.

Ode we revere, Revere; we do!
Al, lip a posh sopapilla. 
Nag Eva saw I was a vegan.


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