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Lillian and Edna nail Lil.                (292)
Sol lisps, "Psillos."                    07-06-2015

No, wise mages use many names, use games I won.             (372)          07-06-2015


Straw, Lani, gave lame Fifi (female) vaginal warts!
Eva, can I stun or rub burro-nuts in a cave?                                                  (00)
Meeting iron words, nuns drown or ignite 'em.                                        07-05-2015
"I regret a halo I've lived under, Al!" blared nude vile viola hater, Geri.
No one to vote "no" on!

Diva drew a rawer David.
Drag Satan at Asgard.
Drawn items met inward.
Ed I ride.
Ed undid nude.
Ed, I cede to vote, decide.
Ed, I let a cat elide.
Ed, I nay cyanide.
Ed, in soots, is too snide.
Elated, I brew a rawer Bidet ale.
Elf I rasp at taps a rifle.
Eli fed ewe we defile.
Eli missed a Hades simile.
Eli missed a rap parade's simile.
Eli misses simile.
Eli passed Odessa pile.
Elk City Amy may tickle.		 (144)
Ell, it's a pastille!			07-05-2015
Ella cases a calle.
Elope; grab a bargepole.
Elsa eats a pasta easel.
Elsie noses one isle.
Em, answer Drew's name.
Emus erase Mesa resume.
Enable eel bane.
Enact a fat cane.
Enid rebags gaberdine.
Enrobe babe borne.
Enya wet a date: Wayne.
Epic eras lash salsa recipe.
Epochs, I wish, cope.
Epode moseyed; eye some dope.
ERA perps prepare.
Erode vet's stevedore.


"Damned raw red nudes in oil at ogled Omani shahs' parties ... I've now one vise I trap shahs in!" -- a model got a lionised under-warden mad.    (260)    07-04-2015

Laci, dare to vote radical.
Manning is on no sign in
"Media strategic plan a banal PC, Art?" said Em.
"Note leper, Dias," Tut said re peleton.
Nudist army gym rats I dun.
Pope Urban did nab Rue, Pop.
Pusser, dress up.
Rae got nine men into gear.
Rene posited, "A cadet is opener."
Ro, tart, sullied a jade illustrator.
Spots Eb, " As for profs, Abe's tops."
Stir, gym rats, Al's last army grits.
To lad Al astronaut nag raged,"Amy made gargantuan ort salad a lot. "            (144)
Vile Noah Clifton did not filch A-One, Liv.                                                05-20-2015
An Avis it is, Ivana.
Bo, Bret re-sedated a cadet, a deserter, Bob.
Deli vermin--I'm reviled!
"Despots in
Aegean" is tops, Ed.
Alps i.d.
Dre had egged a herd.

"Ed, Arte, Val, Sonny, Ayn, no slave trade"
Er,... Er, oh, well,... it's a Bastille whore.
Flo got Tony not to golf.

I'm I'm all in--Ill am I. 

Drawered, a cradle here held arcade reward.
Stolen, a cradle held arcane lots.
G.I. Pat's a pasta pig.
Tipsy Ma, off on
Aegean of foamy spit.
May Deirdre hand Edna her dried yam?
Emil, Deirdre handed Edna her dried lime.                                        (307)
Distressed Emily ordered
Roy lime dessert, Sid.                            05-19-2015
Won't Rose redial Ed at
Adelaide resort now?
Lana, can I see tan Amy doom moody manatees in a canal?
So, Mariah spins and Edna snips hair, Amos.
Stressed Emil, "No evil shahs live on lime desserts!"
Deb, burdened, rubbed.
Dan, ogle [macaroni bin or a/Mac's] camel gonad!

 A lout was I ere I saw Tuola.        (292)    05/17/2015



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