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Go (hey gal!), flag ye hog!
Rae, his gal, flags I hear.                            1        11-19-14
Gal, fan a flag!

KC or Deb nixes sex in Bedrock.
Battlefield I saw was idle, I felt, Tab.
Reb bordello rolled robber.
Punning, I sign inn up.
"Red Nut", new deli, assailed, went under.                             200
Re grub ma has: it is a hamburger.                                        11-2-14
So, is Rod a tame matador, tios?
Sums are never ever even, Erasmus.
Note, listen, Reba cottons not to cabernets, I let on.
Em, krill irk me.
SETI Sara pondered no parasites.

Lillian and Edna nail Lil.					    393
Avalon sees no lava.	
"Go hang a salami," remarks Kramer, "I'm a lasagna hog."		10-12-14

We dye no honeydew.
Demitasse trial, Lew, we'll air: Tessa timed.
Red, Leif as is is a fielder!                                              200
Ergo, Nana, sis is ogre.                                    10-12-14
Mastiff fit Sam.

Ode we revere, Revere; we do!
Al, lip a posh sopapilla. 
Nag Eva saw I was a vegan.

Damned rage made dame garden-mad.
Danica met a late Mac in ad.
DA's sad I hid Assad.
Daycare dame remade racy ad.
Daycare mace became racy ad.
Debased, Art trades a bed. 			144         10-12-14
Deborah sasses Sasha robed.
Deific ape we pacified.
Depots stop Ed.
Desk comedian aide mocks Ed.
Diner offers ref for Enid.

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