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Art, I've Levitra.

"Despots in Aegean" is tops, Ed.

Dion, a rap star brat's paranoid.

Do not, Rob, allow AWOL labor to nod.

Flo got nine men into golf.

Lo, pot saves Sevastopol.

Marge suggested a cadet's egg use, gram.

Moor's, El, at a femme fatale's room.

Ned Damon was, I saw, no Madden.

No, Boston signing is not (sob!) on.                    200

Paganini artists I train in a Gap.                        4/18/2016

Reg, Gadzooks, tell Al let's KO Oz dagger.

Sex in a Verona manor Eva nixes.

Sex, in a lab, Ala nixes.

Siri, so wasted, a cadet saw Osiris!

Tunney as is, alas, is a yen nut.

Wash Santa Claus' unusual cat Nash saw.

We feel Ara saw a Sara Lee few.

Yaw at sacred nut under castaway.


So get some kilt left in a van, it felt like most egos.
To order cassettes, sack cassettes' sacred root.
Won't esteemed art I trade meet set now?                (260)    11-29-15
Won't I be rare now, or grow one rare bit now?
Steel felt taboo battle fleets.


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