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Bob’s a snake—live, vile Kansas Bob!
Gal flirts on—a nostril flag?                                                                     71-1
Doc Smith sang, “Gnash Tim’s cod!”                                                    01/11/2017
Live mad (a sign) as in my harem era hymn I sang, “Is Adam evil?”

Don, abandon OD—nab a nod!                                                                  1
Oh who, Delia, [b/f/j/m/n/r/s/t/w]ailed—oh who?                                  01/11/2017
Am I sad--no Hondas, Ima!

“Evade sleep, oh hope, else?”—Dave.
God, Ma, ill is ill—I am dog!                                                                      402
No-no is, I’ve let television on.                                                              01/11/2017 
‘Tis night, I, with gin, sit.

He sees (not sober!) ere Boston sees, eh?                              403-1        01/11/2017

Maiden I possess opined, “I am!”                                          144            01/11/2017

No, it is a Bozo bastion.                                                          8               01/11/2017

O gnu, far be zebra fun—go!
Pat an OK yak on, a tap.                                                                             83
Tide: Big Top’s spot gibed it.                                                                01/11/2017

“One, pal—a jet age nosh—so, negate jalapeno!”                                      401-1
Recluse so lonely, a jeer-free Jay Leno loses ulcer.                                01/11/2017

Oo, Bill, I boo!                                                                      109         01/11/2017

 Sex is: G.I. big sixes!                                                          218-1         01/11/2017 

Apple has ired ERISA help, Pa.
Derek, a man, a wan owl, won a Wanamaker, Ed.
I'm a giro rep, apt at paper origami.
Martian is a no-no, son, on a Sinai tram.                                                    200
No, her acid, Em, not on Medicare, hon.                                              01/11/2017 

"One last sub," ordered robust Sal Eno.
Re Boston "Fidelio": Foiled if not sober.

Sulla, call us.

"I'm runnin'!"--Nurmi.                                                                     400      12/22/2016

Dr. Azah, tackler of Andes, tests tsetse DNA for elk, cat hazard.    398    12/22/2016

Pun: West nets tennis title, felt it's in net's tent--sewn up.
Tennis: God's dog's in net.                                                                109    12/22/2016
Tennis: spit Qtips in net!

"Reno gaming is a time kill." Lidia said, "I'll like MIT--a sign I'm a goner!"   399     12/22/2016

"Ah, a deli, a wiener--a zany Nazerene!" I wailed, "Aha!"                                71
"Stung nits," Delia wailed, "sting nuts!"                                                        12/22/2016

"To last, Socrates, use tar (costs a lot)."                                            83       12/22/2016

Nemo, we revere Revere women. 
So mad I am re mermaid, Amos.

Silas Ramon, Sid, is no Marsalis.

felt Tip's spittle—fled!
Amen, Als revolt at Lover's Lane, Ma.

To last in K-Mart, Stram knits a lot.

Dork Cub was a sawbuck, Rod.

I, Greta, bed anal Alan, a debater GI.
Reb met pest Sal last September.

Gekko, relager a regaler: OK keg.
Margo, I gnash teeths: angiogram.                            200

Em, Otto,Greenspan's naps ne'er got to me.        12/21/2016

‘Gnarly Oyl’ rang.

's noble Di bid El "bon soir."
An anti-feta mate fit Nana
Marciano: Mona, I cram.
Dessert, Sid, was, I saw, distressed.
No, logon's ‘no go’, Lon.

Dez, Amazon Oz amazed!
Oh cannot put a name on a canoe man at "Upton Nacho."

Nag ill Uma, Rev, over a mulligan?
Stu ordered routs.

No hero monetary rate no more, hon.

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