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A lout was I ere I saw Tuola.        (292)    05/17/2015

An Avis it is, Ivana.
Bo, Bret re-sedated a cadet, a deserter, Bob. 
Deli vermin--I'm reviled!
"Despots in Aegean" is tops, Ed. 
Display Alps i.d.
Dre had egged a herd. 
"Ed, Arte, Val, Sonny, Ayn, no slave trade!"
Er,... oh, well,... it's a Bastille whore.
Flo got Tony not to golf. 
I'm all in--Ill am I. 					  200
Laci, dare to vote radical.			           05-12-2015	
Manning is on no sign in Nam.
"Media strategic plan a banal PC, Art?" said Em.
"Note leper, Dias," Tut said re peleton. 
Nudist army gym rats I dun.
Pope Urban did nab Rue, Pop.
Pusser, dress up. 
Rae got nine men into gear.
Rene posited, "A cadet is opener."
Ro, tart, sullied a jade illustrator. 
Spots Eb, "As for profs, Abe's tops."
Stir, gym rats, Al's last army grits.
To lad Al astronaut nag raged,"Amy made gargantuan ort salad a lot. " 
Vile Noah Clifton did not filch A-One, Liv.

We'd laid on no dial dew!                                (1)        
Won a Dr OJ game mag, Jordon--ow?!    01/25/2015 

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