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So get some kilt left in a van, it felt like most egos.
To order cassettes, sack cassettes' sacred root.
Won't esteemed art I trade meet set now?                (260)    11-29-15
Won't I be rare now, or grow one rare bit now?
Steel felt taboo battle fleets.

At an iPad, I hid a pinata.
is not tonsiled.
Do pinatas sass at an iPod?
Ed, I ran a ride.
Evil as I am, Ma is alive.
Gelato got a leg.
I, drab mole, gage Lombardi.            (144)
Motto: Bite yeti bottom!                11-29-15
Must I fit sum?
Snort celeb electrons.
Strafe nine farts.
Test a fat set.
To lasso Tim, I toss a lot.
Tube date set a debut.
Yoga pants ebb best Napa goy.

Revelatory Amy may rot a lever.
Reword "a bad rower."
Rex ate taxes!
Rip a taro fresser for a tapir.
Ron O'Day, a papa, sees a papaya donor.

Ron, odd as a toga, got a sad donor.

Ooh, cat (new) went "Achoo!"
Orc levels isle Velcro.Orts I ban in a bistro.
Orts I bare paper a bistro.
Otto made Ted a motto.
Pa sated a cadet ASAP.
Pace cites a set icecap.
Pal rubs burlap.
Peel Sam; I'm asleep.
Pilsner actor did rot Caren's lip.
Pilsner waded a wren's lip.
Pilsner, I say, by a siren's lip.
Pinnacle eel can nip.
PMS pot stops MP.
Poopy Amy may poop.
Poor Thai raps pariah troop.
Puce notes set one cup.
Puffins sniff up.
Puke Ella's reversal leek up?
Pupils slip up.
Puss emotes a case to mess up.
Put egg on nog getup.
Put estate [gin I get/we wet] at setup.         (144)
Pygmy got to gym gyp.                        11-26-15
Ra enjoys sassy OJ near.
Ra erases a rear.
Ra eyed a made year.
 Nerd [egged/eyed] Ren.
Ra obeyed a bad-eye boar.
Ra ordered, "Roar!"
Ra, ensure Peru's near.
Red Ilsa sees a slider.
Ref lipid I pilfer.
Ref, assail Eli as safer.
Ref: "Russet Adele dates surfer."
Relit, I cede not one deciliter.
Rep ate not one taper.
Report a cat roper.
Net foes [abase/oppose] often.
Net fools Oslo often.
"Nib!" ordered Robin.
Mr. Ego named edema no germ.
Muslim ate Tamil sum.
My "no dues" passed on Odessa pseudonym.  
Namath guards draught a man.
Narrow [ass(es) saw/elf flew/er germ regrew/Elsa slew] or ran
Nag a pal, lull a pagan.
Nail a tided Italian.
Navy bursts ruby van.
Ned rubs at sista's burden.
Need rebates to not set Aberdeen?
Nemo eyes abase yeomen.
Nepotist: Ego gets it open.No, ensign, icing is neon.
No ill imam rasps, "Arm a million".
No Thai raps pariah ton.
Notate, "We tat on".
Notate, "We wet a ton".
Nurse bursts rube's run.
Oh, to sell Lesotho!
On I blab, Arab albino.
On inlet, [is it/soldier Reid lost] El Nino?
On ref, Nina's an inferno.
Rot a rose's orator.
Rot a timid imitator.
Rot cart or protractor.
Rot corpses, proctor!
Rota noted a detonator.
Rota reneged a made generator..

Evil Di, doer, on an Oreo did live.
Perp tasered ere SAT prep.

Emboldened, a Mt. Sinai pianist made Ned lob me.            (200)

demanded, " Name demon!"                                11-26-15
Spot Pop's pop-tops?
Wondered Art," In exotic illicit oxen I trade, Red, now?"

Fee-based ire derides a beef.
Flu got to Gulf.a
Fool arrests err aloof.
Girl ionises in oil rig.
Gym swan gnaws my gym.
Hal bosses so blah.
Hal ladeled Allah.
Hanna vases abase Savannah.		(144)
HP men OK one MPH.		   11-8-15
I game Magi.
I get at, irritate, GI.
I go, Yogi.
I ram a lacy moth to my calamari.
I rasp, "I rip sari."
I reprise Sir Peri.
Igloo cots sap a pass to cool GI.
In Mulan, I win alumni.

Ara, it's Irina's, an iris tiara.
Bolster Bret's lob.
Dee, niece, I pondered no piece I need.
Di, Bret wept at pewter bid.
Dora ( TI ) did Iditarod.
Ed, is Ana's "Toots" an aside?
El , Bat abed, was, I saw,  debatable.        200
EV is a vet Sal tailed at a deli, at last evasive.
Ma is a busy assay sub as I am.
Mama, ill I,William, am.
Met, "Sy Syms" is my system.
Nary a bay ran.
No Siri affair is on.

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