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Aha, monitors rot in Omaha.
Al, I’ll lull Lila.
Coder igniting ire, Doc?
Deliverer, igniting ire, reviled?
Do not let Elton OD.
Edna, I must sum "i" and "e"!
Eva, with gilt light I wave.
Evader igniting ire, Dave?
Go, deviant, naive dog.
Gum signifies use if in G.I.'s mug.
Heat roasts aorta, eh?
I die held; I won't now idle, Heidi.
Lapsed ocelot stole codes, pal.
Ma, I'll lull Liam.
Ma, Jesus -- use jam!
Mash, clump up mulch, Sam.
No one rests ere noon.                                                     372         
No stops--red limo took cuckoo to milder spot, son.    10/02/2016
No, topstone's use not spot on.
No, wise dudes, I won.
Nurse, sons' noses run!
Pa made sure Pete perused a map.
Parade: Lisa -- fool as aloof as I -- led a rap.
Paste was a wet sap?
Slob, my staff insists I sniff at symbols.
Snob bird does use odd ribbons.
Snoops deliver wares: use raw, reviled spoons.
Snug ward's poor troops draw guns.
Some fog nags gang of emos.
Steven, instruct Curt's nine vets.
Stressed bandit: “I'd nab desserts.”
Toto took cuckoo to tot.
Trap: set a gnoll or troll on gate's part.

 Adam, rangier, often did net foreign armada.
Aim, Ada, cam at a macadamia.

, niece, I pondered no piece I need.
Dessert can aid Ana, Canadian actress, Ed.

Di, be not a fool, aloof at one bid.

Dis Max," I stated, " a cadet, at six AM--Sid."
Disregard rager, Sid.
Do we docs abate Tabasco/Dew OD?
Emilio pondered no poi lime.
Ev, I tax a laxative.
Go, Omar, oft for a Moog.
Koenig never did rev engine, OK?
Let's ape not one pastel.
Ned, nag Anissa's ass in a garden.

Nemo, we morons sass no Rome women.

Note bistro [orts/perk reports/ports] I bet on.
Paganism's in a Gap?                                                200
Pert satire met emerita strep.                                09/18/2016
Rabbi ran in, into hot Nin in a rib bar.

Spot pom pom op, moptops?
Rep, parlay," ordered royal rapper
Resole, Rose, not one sore loser.

Sail, Anan, on an alias.

Senile Di's now on sidelines.
Six elated a cadet, Alexis.

Slain Edwards draw denials.
Spare tire rite raps.
Stella wanted Etna wallets.
Tab defiled a deli-fed bat.
We help Pitt tipple, hew.
Well, Hasbro's balls'll absorb Sahl, Lew.
Well,Lord's droll, Lew.
Was a Dada, Di, a look at a Kool Aid ad Ada saw?

Gateman Wendel doodled new nametag.                                 97 
No one made killer apparel like Dame Noon.                     09/18/2016
Spacy Mr. Owen, in West Angola, saw old Nadia, my poor droopy maid, and low-as-a-log Nat, sew nine wormy caps.
Topsydale Kansas--it is a snake lady spot!

"Mash Tums," I beep, "I pee bismuth, Sam."             71
Nurses suck cock; cusses run.                             09/18/2016

Tim must summit!  Tim mustn't summit!  Tim must summit! 260 + 97
"Meek, ill, lewd -- we'll like em!"                                                             260
"Won't I burn acid?" I call, "It's still acid...I can rub it now."                09/18/2016

"Ai! Dildo=God." -- Lidia.             393
I murdered Rumi.                    09/18/2016

Otto, sir, ate feta risotto.         394        09/18/2016

Damp mildew , angelic odes: O Romme, morose, docile, gnawed limp, mad!        395        09/18/2016

Now sore, too rigid, I harass Sarah -- I dig, I root-- Eros won!  396            09/18/2016

"Tits" -- old Edna and Ed lost it!    397
Tie -- old Edna and Ed lose it...     397-1        09/18/2016
Time--old Edna and Ed, lo, emit.   397-1


A menace we cane, Ma.

A nut, I hate wet ahi tuna.

Avid dame killed at icy citadel like mad diva!

Bard saw tiny, bitsy xysti by nit was drab.

Brag to no duo you do not garb.

Delbert, six is trebled.

Della's party traps all, Ed.

Drab diva's diagnostic: illicit song aids avid bard.

Eli, Vera, stop alleging nigella pots are vile!

Em to Gregg: “a dagger got me!”

Evan, Katia; wait... a knave!

Flu got Eve to gulf.

Gal named Amy made man lag.

Go help Missy's simple hog.

Gods yell as I help Marty trample his alley's dog.

Hell, I blare: "defy federal bill, eh?!"

I hate wet ahi.

I pondered, "no PI?"

Last under Emma yammered "nuts, Al."

Leper's ten games use magnets, repel.

Live siren traps Eve's partner, is evil.

Live, Simone--Venom is evil!                                       

Mail some men ozone memos, Liam.

Masks alright?” I, with girl, ask Sam.

Natalie, veil a tan.

No cabbage,” we gab. "Bacon!"                                    372

No, smash Tom, mammoth Samson.                        09/17/2016

No, we have to layaway a lot, Eva: he won.

No, wise mages use many names, use games I won.

Not sober, I wire Boston.

Nowise I bury rubies I won.

O, gypsy-spy, go!

One cued Delbert: six is trebled deuce, no?

One solitary rat I lose, no?

Pity... a metal pot, level to plate, may tip.

Pup, I zip up.

Red robots race cars to border.

Regal aid/answer: brewer brews Nadia lager.

Sexy Rose divides oryxes.

Snug bandits, avast: I'd nab guns.

Stacy, motel cat's box: obstacle to my cats!

Tess, I define my strategy: get artsy men if Ed is set.

Tim busted a cadet: "submit!"

Tin use divides unit.

Was in Italy, Latin I saw.


"Naomi, live not on evil, live not on evil," I moan.

"Naomi, no,no..., on, on,..." I moan.                     292

DeVidi dived.                                                09/17/2016

Bolton did not lob.   


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